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Thank you Silva for creating this amazing fansong and allowing us to bring it to life!! I hope you all enjoy this deeper peek into Angel Dust, -and please look forward to BIG NEWS about HAZBIN HOTEL real soon!! Thank you everyone who has supported the project so far, stay tuned!!



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  • Vivziepop
    VivziepopПре 8 месеци

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  • Aldo 117

    Aldo 117

    Пре 18 дана

    Mol L M

  • MR NNC

    MR NNC

    Пре 24 дана

    No one cares

  • aica bclayo

    aica bclayo

    Пре месец

    So cool

  • Joseph Heckinger

    Joseph Heckinger

    Пре 2 месеца

    This video is cool brother I give T wo thumbs up

  • ・уαиdαияє ᴄʜᴀNᴅᴇʀᴇ・

    ・уαиdαияє ᴄʜᴀNᴅᴇʀᴇ・

    Пре 2 месеца


  • Lesbian Turnips
    Lesbian TurnipsПре 42 минута

    Angel Dust is the name of a prostitute and a drug, and both were named after one person. Imagine having that honour.

  • Kamila N.
    Kamila N.Пре 2 сата

    Almost 100 000 000! Come on guys!!! 😍😍😍

  • Waris Rahman
    Waris RahmanПре 2 сата

    Valentino: breathes Fandom: *weapon noises*

  • david sa-ao
    david sa-aoПре 3 сата

    I thought this was a disney show... boy I was wrong

  • Kerry Zekser
    Kerry ZekserПре 6 сати

    Best points in song: 0:19 and 4:45

  • scimitar
    scimitarПре 6 сати

    is angel a guy or a girl like the voice is a guy but the body is a girl

  • omelet


    Пре 5 сати

    angel dust is a cis male :)

  • kindness 35
    kindness 35Пре 6 сати

    Not gonna lie, I'm watching this in my online class!! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

  • Lunatic FPV
    Lunatic FPVПре 6 сати

    Damn that was fire..

  • King Yeet
    King YeetПре 7 сати

    Who’s the person on the left on 2:41

  • kindness 35

    kindness 35

    Пре 6 сати

    I have the same question (๑¯ω¯๑)

  • Nicholas
    NicholasПре 7 сати

    Why do I love this song so much? I generally don’t care for this genre of music, but I keep coming back to this damn song...

  • Jordan Greenough
    Jordan GreenoughПре 7 сати

    I've watched this liek 50 times now please help lol

  • Captain Rogers
    Captain RogersПре 8 сати

    Half of the comments: F YOU VAL Other half: Cool song just one question…..

  • The problem Starters ✔️
    The problem Starters ✔️Пре 8 сати

    I’m not gay....... But

  • walter haider
    walter haiderПре 8 сати

    Watching this at work, safe for work

  • Williams Leland
    Williams LelandПре 10 сати

    The psychedelic plasterboard immunohistologically notice because test curiously bruise regarding a absorbed snowflake. innate, skinny salt

  • Blitzy
    BlitzyПре 10 сати

    What in the world did my recommendation took me to is this what it feels like to be on the furry part of youtube

  • Inez Lewis
    Inez LewisПре 11 сати

    Love LUV LUV AN ADDICTED!!!!!!

  • theUltimate
    theUltimateПре 11 сати

    If Montero wasn't satanic or sexually subjective enough then...

  • dina_kits
    dina_kitsПре 12 сати

    Im 12 year old

  • The problem Starters ✔️

    The problem Starters ✔️

    Пре 8 сати

    Who asked

  • Nokay Art
    Nokay ArtПре 12 сати

    Just a note. When this music video came out, Vizie’s work inspired me to take that leap of faith into digital art even harder. Since then, I’ve been doing great and sometimes listen to this song to cycle through that moment again.

  • Siren /DEMIDEVIL
    Siren /DEMIDEVILПре 13 сати

    Bruh, they are like baddies. ITS TOO HARD TO NOT WISH FOR THEM TO BE IN A CULT WITH EM-!

  • Caibel The Strategist
    Caibel The StrategistПре 13 сати

    This feels like the old cartoon network shows from the early 2000's Its not an insult its a compliment the early 2000's cartoon network was a good time for cartoons. Brings back childhood memories

  • Ginisis Huskie
    Ginisis HuskieПре 13 сати

    I don't understand how vivie made such a relatable character, like I even naturally have his voice and everything, its wierd for me because I know this is VIVIE and her feelings but its like I watch myself on this screen....I don't want this life anymore sometimes...

  • y do even try
    y do even tryПре 14 сати

    Is this song new

  • Wikipedia. com
    Wikipedia. comПре 14 сати

    I am 100% sure that Angel and Cherri are gonna start dating. I mean the evidence of them showing emotion to each other all time really spreads throughout this series so far, starting with Cherri trying to distract Angel from all the bad shit he has given in and how Angel joins Cherri in these turf wars she starts. *It's a match not made in heaven, but in hell.* Please like or reply if you agree!

  • Wikipedia. com

    Wikipedia. com

    Пре 14 сати

    @Reese Yeah I agree with you, but there's only one episode out so it doesn't give out loads of info. Still I see where you're coming from. Also I found some other video saying that Angel "pays more for women" when he doing his prostitution job on the streets, but I don't think it's apart of the series but just some fan made bull XD

  • Reese


    Пре 14 сати

    Angel is gay and not interested in women. Cherri is more like a sister to him than a love interest.

  • Eve * she, her
    Eve * she, herПре 15 сати


  • maazi513
    maazi513Пре 15 сати


  • Yoonie
    YoonieПре 15 сати

    Ok, I’m just looking back at the video now. Watch the WHOLE video. You will thank me later.

  • The Weirdette Named Longg
    The Weirdette Named LonggПре 16 сати

    How People Spell Trash Here " Valentina"

  • Lethys Avaro
    Lethys AvaroПре 16 сати

    Jeez... That back memories from past... Horrible memories. Really amazing song.

  • Blues and Anime Fan
    Blues and Anime FanПре 17 сати

    At 2:42, Who was that?

  • Ocean Gamez
    Ocean GamezПре 17 сати

    Is it just me for does Cherries jacket look like it was drawn on with a highlighter

  • The Narwhalman
    The NarwhalmanПре 18 сати

    This video got more views than the glorious anthem of the Soviet Union. Now we can question humanity.

  • Josala Honey
    Josala HoneyПре 18 сати

    This shit is so awesome. Please more of it!!!!!! Where is the second episode??

  • Jaden Raynor
    Jaden RaynorПре 19 сати

    Why do I have a strong feeling that the demon in Cherri’s song is Angel dusts brother since they look extremely similar

  • Jaden Raynor

    Jaden Raynor

    Пре 14 сати

    @Reese then who is they

  • Reese


    Пре 14 сати

    he's not Angel's brother.

  • Mr Rave
    Mr RaveПре 19 сати

    Well that was fucking terrible 😅😅

  • Galaxy Alex ŪwÛ
    Galaxy Alex ŪwÛПре 19 сати

    Does anybody here just pause at every moment on their fav part of this video to catch the movements and to find hidden things and details U3U ima tell u right now i do and lemme tell u something i found i saw that there was apples in the little details when you get to the last cut scene where Charlie was trying to comfort angel does that mean something since the whole Adam and eve thing going on i might be wrong but i feel like it means something TvT

  • *Lemon Demon*
    *Lemon Demon*Пре 20 сати

    T POSE 3:38

  • Mayple
    MaypleПре 20 сати

    still a bop lmao

  • The only dirty weird eraser that exists
    The only dirty weird eraser that existsПре 20 сати

    I probably finally watched the music video bc I first heard it in roblox, I know I'm a dumb person but I also finally click this video bc RStree algorithms trying to nag me to listen to a bop

  • ꧁Alyx_ Rycx꧂
    ꧁Alyx_ Rycx꧂Пре 20 сати

    It’s hard for me to believe Hazbin Hotel is such a successful series. Not complaining but I actually love this

  • Disaster child
    Disaster childПре 21 сат

    May I mention he has three sets on arms in the first scene. Boi absorbed his arms.

  • Terri_ Squid
    Terri_ SquidПре 21 сат

    Wait Angel dust has a nose???

  • Lauren Halcro-Hatfield
    Lauren Halcro-HatfieldПре 21 сат

    1:33 she do be vibin tho

  • •Lunar_Lily_Blossom•
    •Lunar_Lily_Blossom•Пре 21 сат

    This sounds like a "are you gon a stay the night" parody

  • kindness 35
    kindness 35Пре 21 сат


  • THEMATTSQUAD .Moneyisthebest
    THEMATTSQUAD .MoneyisthebestПре 22 сата

    When is the next episode and can we see everybody’s life before they died

  • FemKatsuki
    FemKatsukiПре дан

    If you want to double kill Val!: ☟︎

  • Уля tv!
    Уля tv!Пре дан


  • MelkhiorDarkfell
    MelkhiorDarkfellПре дан

    Street Preacher: Hell awaits you all. Me: Joke's on you, I'm into that shit.

  • Martin Teece
    Martin TeeceПре дан

    Still rocks even after a year of covid.

  • Maria Anastasia Bucur
    Maria Anastasia BucurПре дан

    Wher's ep 2.?

  • •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    Пре 20 сати

    _not yet uploaded_

  • arthur fleck
    arthur fleckПре дан

    10 out of 10 actually fuck that 100 out of 10

  • JonasTheCrusher
    JonasTheCrusherПре дан


  • Ivyn Medina
    Ivyn MedinaПре дан

    I just love it how it's play his or her story the song makes me feel good

  • gg_radar
    gg_radarПре дан

    till death do us fart

  • Donovan Sandoval
    Donovan SandovalПре дан

    i now have a new name for Angel. JACK

  • Donovan Sandoval

    Donovan Sandoval

    Пре дан

    nobody will get this reference

  • Tøxxi
    TøxxiПре дан

    Angel at 0:54: *Homicide*

  • jed jorge
    jed jorgeПре дан

    If your reading this comment Go to black gryphon and watch the song insane because its sounds cool

  • la budgie
    la budgieПре дан

    2:32 she don't have a boot on her one foot

  • Kiimi


    Пре 20 сати


  • •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    Пре 20 сати

    _she supposed to have one boot_

  • DinoDragon2005 MC plush films
    DinoDragon2005 MC plush filmsПре дан

    I want to see more hazbin hotel

  • locklin gaming124
    locklin gaming124Пре дан

    Fans: is Valentino in love with angel? Me: is angel a guy or a woman

  • Tharuthi Supeshala

    Tharuthi Supeshala

    Пре сат

    @Screaming Through Time he's gay actually

  • •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    Пре 20 сати

    @Screaming Through Time _yea_

  • Screaming Through Time

    Screaming Through Time

    Пре дан

    Angel Dust is male

  • LlamaDuck
    LlamaDuckПре дан

    this has more views than the pilot

  • Skylar Daniels
    Skylar DanielsПре дан

    this song is amazing and i love how the animation for it gives us a deeper look into what Angel is really like, i cant wait to see his character development!

  • Alastor The Incubus
    Alastor The IncubusПре дан

    Everybody in this comment section wants to kill my husband again

  • رنيم well
    رنيم wellПре дан


  • Antonio Chavira
    Antonio ChaviraПре дан

    Is there going to be a another episode of hazbin hotel

  • ♡~Yandellama 2~♡
    ♡~Yandellama 2~♡Пре дан

    Hoho hoho nonono Im a child

  • Black Colie
    Black ColieПре дан

    He is such a Scorpio...

  • Transfur Gamer
    Transfur GamerПре дан

    theory on why cherri bomb went to hell Cherri bomb might of been a terrorist (Bomber specially ) And she accidentally set off a bomb while she was in the building blowing up her eye and not being able to see the exit and dying along with the others.

  • Alkanfix 98
    Alkanfix 98Пре дан

    Discord, addicted

  • Vinta Mirana
    Vinta MiranaПре дан

    Amazing! 1:45. 😍 (Русская.)

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge RamosПре дан

    Que cochones es esto

  • Deane Grundy
    Deane GrundyПре дан

    This song is a bop ✌👹✌

  • Sped Boi
    Sped BoiПре дан

    So did this come before or after hazbin cause I think the end of this was the favor

  • •Slothz Studio•
    •Slothz Studio•Пре дан

    Look im not à chick but see cherry bomb-

  • Gamer Wolf
    Gamer WolfПре дан

    Nope sorry

  • Beatrice vidal
    Beatrice vidalПре дан

    This video rocks ! We finally get to see Angel's backstory. You can actually feel his pain . Fat nuggets is the best . Love how he went to comfort angel. So sweet! And cherry is friends goals. She's the best

  • Ana Chan
    Ana ChanПре дан

    Almost 1 year of this song and i'm still addicted to it

  • Dominic Maynard
    Dominic MaynardПре дан

    nuggs is a glowy boi

  • •𝚑𝚘𝚝 𝚍𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚔🍵•
    •𝚑𝚘𝚝 𝚍𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚔🍵•Пре дан

    А можно по русски?(joke of the year)

  • Natalie Nguyen
    Natalie NguyenПре дан

    4:52, Pay attention to Angel’s Bottom left hand once he gets up. Why exactly? Because Angel pointed his middle finger at Charlie. ✨

  • Mami Mami
    Mami MamiПре дан

    92m views 1.8m likes??? Whyy

  • Fallen Knight Tyler

    Fallen Knight Tyler

    Пре дан

    Repeat viewers, can only like once

  • Filippo Togliani

    Filippo Togliani

    Пре дан

    @hi :p me too

  • hi :p

    hi :p

    Пре дан

    Idk but I'm part of that 1.8m likes :p

  • Pérez Samper Ariadna Itzel
    Pérez Samper Ariadna ItzelПре дан

    Cherry supremacy😌🤙🛐

  • cinnamonbreeze
    cinnamonbreezeПре дан

    wow 92M views. weve come a long way huh

  • temaki🖤🌹
    temaki🖤🌹Пре дан

    2:04 ?? Was this Angel Dust before signing with Valentino?

  • temaki🖤🌹


    Пре дан

    @Filippo Togliani Or I don't know, it could be Angel's Ex or something like that

  • Filippo Togliani

    Filippo Togliani

    Пре дан

    I think he is the ex boyfrend of Cherry Bomb, because she at this moment says "you fell in love "

  • i̿t̿s̿ g̿a̿b̿r̿i̿e̿l̿ g̿a̿c̿h̿a̿
    i̿t̿s̿ g̿a̿b̿r̿i̿e̿l̿ g̿a̿c̿h̿a̿Пре дан

    Valentino: *breaths in angels direction* Everyone; bitch get the fuck back 🙂🔪🗡⚔🔫🔨🪓⛏⚒🛠🧲💉

  • Angel Santiago
    Angel SantiagoПре дан

    emotional support Pig

  • Erika raquel Reyes davila
    Erika raquel Reyes davilaПре дан

    This is the best series , I want more

  • Dirkman Pretor
    Dirkman PretorПре дан

    how can one animated pilot gain such a huge following

  • Corporal Anonymous
    Corporal AnonymousПре дан

    Valentino: *exist* Everyone: *DON'T EVEN DARE TO BREATHE*

  • Simon Eichler

    Simon Eichler

    Пре 17 сати

    True😂 I rerly hated a Charakter this much and for that I am loving this bastard

    NATALY C.SПре дан

    5:05 F :c

  • Braxton Stoddard
    Braxton StoddardПре 2 дана

    Damn I remember when it's said 30 minutes ago 😞

  • Kreshna Sihombing
    Kreshna SihombingПре 2 дана

    So where we can get angel and Cherry hentai pic?

  • •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    Пре 20 сати


  • The Nokk-ster 9000
    The Nokk-ster 9000Пре 2 дана

    The subtitiles make no sense it is so cringey youtube step it the hell up! Oh carp the default was dutch?!?!?!

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn QuagmireПре 2 дана

    Nice going vivzie! I love the music!

  • Devin Gonzalez
    Devin GonzalezПре 2 дана

    Ay why tf does this song hit different

  • ~°Coco°~
    ~°Coco°~Пре 2 дана

    Worst thing to do: Listen to this song in Church:)