HELLUVA BOSS Becoming More than A Sitcom Episode 5 Review

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  • Sarcastic Chorus
    Sarcastic ChorusПре месец

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  • Andre Carpenter

    Andre Carpenter

    Пре месец

    Will you make a video on castlevania?

  • instinctive56


    Пре месец

    Ok look 3d shit is a fucking pain too male

  • Dr Dark

    Dr Dark

    Пре месец

    Short vid

  • Tad Dad

    Tad Dad

    Пре месец

    Eh he could still be keeping the balance of hell, and this is part of it. He is ensuring the crops that feed the rset of hell grow strong.

  • Andrew Mathewson

    Andrew Mathewson

    Пре месец

    One thing that you missed is that Sallie-May, Millie's sister who wanted to bet against Moxie's life, is trans. You can tell because she has the white horns with black stripes that male imps have, instead of the female black horns with white stripes. That and her VA confirmed it on Twitter. Little stuff like that is nice LGBT+ rep without shouting about it in the show itself.

  • Die
    DieПре 2 дана

    i’m glad somebody also sees the frames

  • xSoporific
    xSoporificПре 3 дана


  • LordDeraj
    LordDerajПре 4 дана

    I said it before and I’ll say it here too, the scene with Stryker trying to convince Blitzo to join him was the GAYEST scene in the show and the episode started with Blitzo and Stolas in bed post bondage coitus

  • Mr. Last Online
    Mr. Last OnlineПре 5 дана

    Am I the only one that doesn't like that? Idk I'm not much of a story driven cartoon kind of a guy for the most part.

  • TheChronicler
    TheChroniclerПре 6 дана

    Lol 66.6k subs :3

  • Harmony Moon
    Harmony MoonПре 10 дана

    My name is moxie ...

  • Sparkplug the fox
    Sparkplug the foxПре 12 дана

    The frame drops are solely for budget reasons. Cut a bit from one thing to put it into the other like Stolas talking on stage to the murder attempt on Moxxie. It was smooth where it needed to be and considering we're getting this free, I can't fault them for thinning out some scenes. If this were ever released for sale, I'd totally buy it as is. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Cultist of unn
    Cultist of unnПре 14 дана

    Striker has some Rapy vibes also the imp Anatomy is weirdly varied like moxie has little hare rabbit feet and blitz striker even Millie to an extent have human leg things

  • Cultist of unn
    Cultist of unnПре 14 дана

    This show will probably end up padding out the law for harbinger as it can world build better as it’ll be hard to show us things like the other rings

  • Francesca Mastrangelo
    Francesca MastrangeloПре 15 дана


  • SketchyCat !!!
    SketchyCat !!!Пре 16 дана

    YOU HAVE GOT TO DO MORE HELLUVA BOSS VIDEOS!! Please!! This is such a good video, begging for me like this!! You should talk about all the episodes

  • Finn Murphy
    Finn MurphyПре 17 дана

    I like this

  • Finn Murphy
    Finn MurphyПре 17 дана

    I like this

  • Katie Arbuckle
    Katie ArbuckleПре 18 дана

    There is also a side to this where people think Stella is paranoid because she is Cheating too.

  • Yamitori Sōkei
    Yamitori SōkeiПре 20 дана

    This show feels tailor made for me. Gimmie more soft Stolas and Blitzo moments plz

  • Lovetiop
    LovetiopПре 21 дан

    Kyle did you subscribe yet "KYLE!"

  • Eden S. Lucf
    Eden S. LucfПре 22 дана

    I enjoy your Helluva Boss content that comparing one of you to be the voice Blitz wouldn't come up until you said you don't sound alike!

  • C r o w n e d
    C r o w n e dПре 22 дана

    moxies bi i think

  • Ordore's dojo 21
    Ordore's dojo 21Пре 22 дана

    Hotter.....I, I mean better 🤣

  • Jester Plays Games
    Jester Plays GamesПре 23 дана

    The animation did look pretty staccato for a bit, but i feel like that may just be the team budgeting where they put the nice shots

  • Red Hibiscus
    Red HibiscusПре 23 дана

    You keep calling Stolas' wife Octavia. Her name is Stella. The daughter's name is Octavia. Just though you should know.

  • Mr_ 0n10n
    Mr_ 0n10nПре 23 дана

    If Moxy doesn't kill Stryker, I won't be mad, but kinda ehh'd.

  • impeccable timing
    impeccable timingПре 24 дана

    I was a fan of helluva boss back before the full pilot came out

  • impeccable timing
    impeccable timingПре 24 дана

    Feel they should use both styles for episodes like one style for certain episodes and one style for another

  • Nikoyoart
    NikoyoartПре 25 дана

    0:13 I’m sorry, but as you said you don’t sound like blitz, in that one sentence you sounded kinda like blitz HAHAHHAHFJSJNCJS Pls no hate me, I just think it’s pretty cool!! When you keep talking Tho yeah you don’t sound like him, but definitely if you wanted to do an impression of him you’d definitely be able to pull it off 🔥

  • Sacha Lasser
    Sacha LasserПре 25 дана

    This guys knowlage of gay jokes is amazing. Also, I can't beleive that you didn't mention Blitzo coughing up a feather at the begining of the episode.

  • Arescles 6
    Arescles 6Пре 26 дана

    It didn’t have a 2D move and it was amazing.

  • EazyBreezyWasNotLost
    EazyBreezyWasNotLostПре 26 дана

    It was quite obvious how Millie’s sister is transgender well to start off her voice at first I thought it was like that as a joke but then you see that her horns are horns only male imp demons have those big black and white stripes instead of the black horns with slim white stripes for females

  • n0denz
    n0denzПре 26 дана

    They had to sell a lot of t-shirts and buttons to make that 3D zoom-out panning shot while Striker twirled his pistol.

  • WingofApollo
    WingofApolloПре 26 дана

    Your voice sounds like Blitzo

  • Simple Mya
    Simple MyaПре 27 дана

    Listen, i know you dont sound fully like blitzø....but i can kinda hear him in your voice.

  • Average To Achieve True Freedom Enjoyer
    Average To Achieve True Freedom EnjoyerПре 27 дана

    1:48 Jewjushu kaisen

  • AlligatorVal7
    AlligatorVal7Пре 28 дана

    You said Octavia instead of Stella lmao

  • RpgRyder
    RpgRyderПре 28 дана

    Im honestly scared of helluva boss becoming too seriously, I think it should keep a less serious tone, and only use the serious moments for more intense moments and use them less,

  • Orfeo Lucifugus
    Orfeo LucifugusПре 28 дана

    The shark D: YOU DIDN'T MENTION THE SHARK AND YOU ARE FUCKING SPONSARED BY SURF SHARK! A shark in the episode sponsored by surf shark! >_>

  • benny dude
    benny dudeПре 28 дана

    Is it a sitcom?

  • watertommyz
    watertommyzПре 28 дана

    Stolas is important and a real character in hell mythology. The harvest moon is actually important. Rewatch Lulu lands opening.

  • watertommyz
    watertommyzПре 28 дана

    "Least important" How dare you.

  • gotmog22
    gotmog22Пре 29 дана

    While Stolas is far from being 100% blameless, what REALLY gets under people's skin is the implication that Stella is not mad quite for the cheating itself, as much as on the fact he is sleeping with an imp. Remember that when Stolas said if he should fuck Blitzo in a motel, her answer was "LIKE A FUCKING PEASANT?" That makes her muuuuch less sympathetic

  • Cans
    CansПре 29 дана

    Anyone else see the picture at 7:10

  • squarepotatoes
    squarepotatoesПре 29 дана

    Also same for the Hazbin vs helluva boss i like helluva boss a ton more than hazbin but This is a full show being released right now And Hazbins pilot wasn't amazing but it got picked up for a full paid run so hopefully they take their time and make it well

  • squarepotatoes
    squarepotatoesПре 29 дана

    Moxie is good with guns Blitzø is shown to be super strong And striker is kinda whoops hot

  • Dean Moore
    Dean MooreПре месец


  • Korra Fey
    Korra FeyПре месец

    Loving the casual trans presence without it being a big scene

  • Meredith Stephenson
    Meredith StephensonПре месец

    Definitely will be more of a sitcoms especially after what they said about episode 6

  • CrazyHawka2
    CrazyHawka2Пре месец

    5:32 I just noticed how the BG doesn't even shift at all here - one pet peeve I have with BGs in animations is how the devs forget to even shift them slightly to one side or the other accordingly.

  • amna ahmed
    amna ahmedПре месец

    U fucking do!!

  • Wander Waffles
    Wander WafflesПре месец

    I liked your video Blitz I hope we can see more about YOUR COMPANY

  • * Annarwhal *
    * Annarwhal *Пре месец

    My guess was that Helluva Boss tries new things every episode, experimenting with how violent, insane or serious the show can get with people still liking it

  • Gustav Åkerman
    Gustav ÅkermanПре месец

    Sooooo... if I understand correctly Hellborns are at the extreme tops and bottoms of the hierarchy with the sinners inbetween?

  • ComradeBucki
    ComradeBuckiПре месец

    Compare these two scenes: Scene 1: finishs Scene 2: gets ad of some guy cutting an apple

  • myles mchenry
    myles mchenryПре месец

    Viv has said that the framerate drops were caused by RStree, being linked with YT not letting them upload the video several times. Also, Octavia is the daughter, Stella is the mother.

  • the great lumberjack King
    the great lumberjack KingПре месец

    1:00 hes less than a beta male

  • -MoonGacha3664-
    -MoonGacha3664-Пре месец

    I'm wondering how moxie is in hell? I mean, he is not really bad.

  • Linda Lee
    Linda LeeПре месец

    Well I hope Stella and Stolas work things out and get back together

  • Blue Kunt
    Blue KuntПре месец

    My issue with helluva boss is that Viv says that its supposed to be the comedy while Hazbin Hotel would be a story based one. So why the fuck does Helluva Boss now have a story base???

  • Lord Zamasu
    Lord ZamasuПре месец

    I wonder if moxie and blitzo kept strikers sniper because he doesn't have it at the end of the episode maybe in the next episode this will be addressed

  • michael maiorella
    michael maiorellaПре месец

    4:53 I always though blitzo sounded like roger from american dad too

  • Matt Dave
    Matt DaveПре месец

    Stolas's wife is named Stella, Octavia is his daughter.

  • Pepper Pitz
    Pepper PitzПре месец

    I feel like stolas doesn’t care that his wife wants him dead. He seems really sad on the inside.

  • Cody Myhre
    Cody MyhreПре месец

    Yeah the antagonist way way Ho- *AHEM* better in my opinion too. *glances around nervously*

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito KomaedaПре месец

    Yes you do sound like Blitz

    404GENDERNOTFOUNDПре месец

    I legit want to see Stolas and Blitzo's relationship develop ngl.

  • Bud Pal Guy
    Bud Pal GuyПре месец

    When I first saw Striker, the exact words that left my mouth were, "He's hot." Then he got more and more attractive as the episode continued and just, the way he carries himself and that voice **chef's kiss**

  • Jerrica Benton

    Jerrica Benton

    Пре месец

    thats what i thought about alastor from hazbin hotel

  • Spencdog
    SpencdogПре месец

    Can I play minecraft with you

  • Enkrod
    EnkrodПре месец

    I'm pretty sure we're gonna see Moxxie shine before the end. His bullseye-performance in Loo Loo Land, his repeatedly presented knowledge of guns and that he is now in possession of the angel-rifle are quite literally a checkovs gun that imho is gonna reveal Moxxie as a an ace sharpshooter.

  • Jerrica Benton

    Jerrica Benton

    Пре месец

    i like moxxie. its like he's the human perspective in some way or at least the one who cares a little more. i like that all imps aren't the same. i love when he kicks ass and asks do you want to finish that sentence. even tho he gets smashed by a door afterwards. i also love invader zim and richard horvitz.

  • Optinite9215 • 29 years ago
    Optinite9215 • 29 years agoПре месец

    "Octavia"(aka stolses wife) is actually named Stella and his daughter was named octavia

  • Caroline Hieber
    Caroline HieberПре месец

    moxie is canonly bi :)

  • Smell & Sound
    Smell & SoundПре месец

    Adultswim should definitely pick this show up

  • Just Me
    Just MeПре месец

    I had already guessed she was trans by the horns and the voice not that her voice is ugly I just noticed

  • Splorgenoid
    SplorgenoidПре месец

    They said episode 6 is gonna be very story heavy

  • Damarqus Battle
    Damarqus BattleПре месец

    i only just realized this was a sarc c video at like 2:07 lol

  • Hoodi Nut
    Hoodi NutПре месец

    the thing you complained about why people dont care about comics is literally the reason i love comics

  • Oh look a Furry
    Oh look a FurryПре месец

    Honestly it feels like they kinda ditched Hazbin Hotel. Like common it has been almost two years I think from when the pilot was released.

  • Oh look a Furry

    Oh look a Furry

    Пре месец

    @Sarcastic Chorus huh, thank you for informing me!

  • Sarcastic Chorus

    Sarcastic Chorus

    Пре месец

    Hazbin was picked up by A24 pictures and is going to be a fully produced show. Most likely on a streaming service

  • Fer Domínguez
    Fer DomínguezПре месец

    Wait, was H.B. suppossed to be a sitcom????

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The HedgehogПре месец

    Yea no you sound like him Srry not srry

  • Maria-Alexandra Constantin
    Maria-Alexandra ConstantinПре месец

    I think I saw somewhere (can't remember where tho) that Octavia and Charlie were friends so I think the shows will be connected in that point at least

  • MidasFury
    MidasFuryПре месец

    "compare these two scenes" scene 1 plays, ad plays.

  • personwhodumb
    personwhodumbПре месец

    9:07 when I saw those scenes I closed YT and reopened it because I thought something was wrong with it

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel CastilloПре месец

    I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie didn't give a shit about imps, honestly We've seen she seems to only care about sinners, and seeing how she is both above overlords in terms of power AND she seems to have imp servants, I don't think she is a big imp rights activist

    JUMNHMSTORПре месец

    Sarcastic Chorus keeps mentioning that Stolas basically brought Stella's homicidal mania on himself by cheating on her while completely over looking the fact that their marriage was arranged and the reason why she doesn't just divorce him is due to the fact that she enjoys the status being married to him gives her. I don't blame Stolas for cheating on her at all, she clearly doesn't love him or even their daughter.

  • Tenshí Rez
    Tenshí RezПре месец

    why’d you call the mother octavia, isn’t that the daughters name?

  • Wyvern Gaming
    Wyvern GamingПре месец

    To be honest Helluva Boss may show up on Adult Swim

  • Wyvern Gaming
    Wyvern GamingПре месец

    I may show my kids this, when there old enough to understand this

  • Comment Spae
    Comment SpaeПре месец

    11:32 everyone wants to see it it's being made 24/7 and it's official it's not going to be a playdate to create like HB

  • Slasher Unleashed
    Slasher UnleashedПре месец

    Episode 5 was definitely a breath of fresh air after the (at least in my opinion) underwhelming Episodes 3 and 4.

  • Sophie Milano
    Sophie MilanoПре месец

    Stolas wife doesn't seem to be mad at Stolas for cheating on him, but being mad because he slept with someone as low as an I.M.P

  • Bren Tenkage
    Bren TenkageПре месец

    how they keep getting these people...my guess is Viv actually has a portal to the demonic realm and sold her soul for a good cause of entertaining the masses

  • Ender Tuber
    Ender TuberПре месец

    I highly doubt we'll see social struggles on Hazbin Hotel, mostly becouse Sinner are confined in only one of the nine rings of Hell, so it's more probably that Helluva Boss will always focus more on the world-building and the social structure of Hell since we follow demons born and raised there and that can travel freely trough all the rings, while HH could really well focus on the relationship between Heaven and Hell themselves and dealing with human-born demons the same way HB deal with hell-borns. Plus, I really love how they established in this episode that Blitz, even if a wretch of an imp with a really shitty social life and full of issues, is actually a really capable imp in his job and full of potential, but still holding back.

  • Marco Santoro
    Marco SantoroПре месец

    For the next video on this show, check istagram for the character's profiles. It's a goldmine!

  • Steven
    StevenПре месец

    Yes fellas you heard that correctly. He said shurfsark

  • karl johan
    karl johanПре месец

    yeah it was weird like 3 spots in the episode there was this odd frame rate drop

  • Isaiah Amos
    Isaiah AmosПре месец

    wow blitz does RStree videos

  • DaGamingCore
    DaGamingCoreПре месец

    Great video, but you called the wife Octavia when thats the daughters name-

  • ScribblingOnTheWalls
    ScribblingOnTheWallsПре месец

    The animation in this episode just blew me completely away. Just go back and look at the pilot, the difference was just night and day, and there was nothing especially wrong with the pilot's animation Possibly the only exception to that is the places where it got low frame rate. Wasn't so keen on that

  • Rice Juice
    Rice JuiceПре месец

    U sound exactly like Blitz

  • Sr. Lontra
    Sr. LontraПре месец

    I just accepted hazbin is an abandoned project Maybe they will drop the first episode when the first season of helluva boss end idk

  • Sr. Lontra

    Sr. Lontra

    Пре месец

    @Sarcastic Chorus oooh Nice. Thanks

  • Sarcastic Chorus

    Sarcastic Chorus

    Пре месец

    Hazbin got picked up by A24 and is going to be a fully produced series on netflix or some other streaming service.

  • Triggering Opinions & Facts
    Triggering Opinions & FactsПре месец

    Is anyone else annoyed by the moxxie beta male thing ? I understand him being not physically up to par, but good god why do they make him useless? Not even to be able to contend in a shootout. All that hype about using his gun and he does Jack shit lol I really think they should make him grow into something. I feel bad for him. Sucks

  • Lord Zamasu
    Lord ZamasuПре месец

    You sound like blitz 🙃