I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom House


We surprised MrBeast with a custom house then gave it to someone who really needed it
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ZHC & MrBeast surprise someone with a custom hand painted house
Special thanks to @MrBeast and his crew!


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    Subscribe right now if you want to win custom items and money in my next video! No joke I give away most of what I make back to my subscribers lol I love you guys! Special thank to MrBeast

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    surprising thing mr beast has more like + more replies on his comment

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    I'm in Denmark soooooooooooo

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    I subscribe with notes

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  • Nanateamcat family
    Nanateamcat familyПре сат

    Love you to hope some one or some people more than one gets the item because some people need it more than I do it’s fine if I don’t win at least other people are happy :(

  • April Ngo
    April NgoПре сат

    I could run faster then them ok just kidding just a little 😂🔫

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    when your parents tell you they are getting mcdonalds: 5:43

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    Wow you guys are so nice!

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    WALT 32Пре 2 сата

    He’s basically at this point just coping MrBeast

  • JoshHatesYou
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    4:38 zhc’s pet

  • Challenger
    ChallengerПре 2 сата

    This was the house they put slime in on MRBEAST channel

  • Adriana McCafferty
    Adriana McCaffertyПре 2 сата

    Looks like my house hunt 10x better....l

  • Deanna Schmid
    Deanna SchmidПре 3 сата

    I think we found a new mini Mr beast, he just said go spend my money.

  • NBD Savage
    NBD SavageПре 3 сата

    Anybody noticed The person from the happy meals challenge finished first but she got out for some reason

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    I wish I could have it with fam

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    What do you mean do not waste my money?They have to waste your money

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    I wish I could paint/draw like viv

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    when you have two of those couches-

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    how is him and his crew not bored of drawing by now?

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    Everyong second Crew screams has loud as tyler1

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    Just to say ur not funny

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    ALIa rna

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    I wish I got something that you made, that would be awsome!!!!

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    I thought this was just some bs but no yall are crazy good

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    Beast colors and ZHC colors are the same.

  • Sam F
    Sam FПре 6 сати

    Is it just me or does the house look like Jimmy’s brothers old house that got messed up from elephant toothpaste

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    I saw a person with a Shawndous shirt!!!!

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    Hi I loooooooovvveee your videos

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    I love Mister Beast I like that Lego video

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    soo happy

  • Addie Leschuk
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    “I told them ur homeless”

  • Addie Leschuk
    Addie LeschukПре 7 сати

    I feel like they had that epic party planned kol

  • Gunnar Case
    Gunnar CaseПре 7 сати

    "im Hyperventilating" lady 2020-2021

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    Great video

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    can you custome my house ( I have 12 years old ) and it's the first time I watch your video and I subscribe to you

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    Is it me or mrbeast is taller than zhc

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    Real fans of zhc and mr beast should subscribe my channel

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    can you make a picture of me

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    after the lockdown here i will get my zhc tattoo my deam

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    this is the best collaboration with 2 of the kindest person

  • michael jay mercado
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    i hope someday i can also do this kind of act of kindness

  • Kim Pineda
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    U r a really good artist👨‍🎨

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    5:39 you ok👁️👄👁️

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    I am just like jaz

  • Andrew Marquez
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    zhc] used a uno reverse card

  • Patricia Segura
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    ZCH: bring out the happy meals!!! Michel: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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    Mr beast challenge next day episod minecraft

  • the real g3579arh
    the real g3579arhПре 13 сати

    Give a poor guy a house that will save his life?, nahhhhhh paint it a d give it to someone so can buy America 👍

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    You are guys so nice

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    Those dabs tho ...

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    11:31 my face hurts ; _ ;

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    11:24 that is what a call an awesome transition

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    I thought that THE FRIGIN life size pural was actually Mr Beast (Jimmy)

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    Then the new owner will repaint it.

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    Finally the only two youtubers giving back to fans are in one video

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    ZHC: good girl *pat pat* Me: yesss

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    either mebeast is rlly tall or zhc is rlly small... or both

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    But I live in England so I can’t pair up and I’m still a Yong kid

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    just imagine the person you gave the house to just repaints the whole house that would be so sad 😭

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    Next video. We bought the world and we are going to customize it 😂😂❤️

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    When I saw this My mind : These people need to go to heaven


    "Bring in the happy meals" Michelle: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Child: subscribe to ZHC ZHC:also this is for you Child:thank you (mind: IM RICH YES THE POWER FLOWS THROUGH ME)

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    I don't have the money to join or pay membership., But I hope I'm free to comment., I really like your videos, the content is really cool., Hope you'll notice me, I'm from Philippines 👍

  • Cassiopeia Happy Land
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    I don't have the money to join or pay membership., But I hope I'm free to comment., I really like your videos, the content is really cool., Hope you'll notice me, I'm from Philippines 👍

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