ranboo's weakness

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  • gudfari340 roblox
    gudfari340 robloxПре 22 минута

    Ranboo: now dont pick it up Baby: apple Ranboo: so you have chosen death

  • Endlessbattle1
    Endlessbattle1Пре 3 сата

    rip to the guy that gave 100$

  • IDoNtKnow IDK
    IDoNtKnow IDKПре 6 сати

    How the fk did he drop a the apple???

  • SBS10
    SBS10Пре 15 сати

    Everyone with tommy be like: 0:18

  • vcl2000
    vcl2000Пре 18 сати

    aaawwww, just like his sensei

  • CyborgNoob
    CyborgNoobПре дан


  • Hubert Pobocan
    Hubert PobocanПре дан

    *Child piglin pick up enchanted apple Ranboo: *Technoblade breathing 10th form, Child obliterator*

  • Jayda Parker
    Jayda ParkerПре дан

    My reaction at 0:18 - 0:24 to every kid that thinks it's a great idea to go in my room unannounced, touch my stuff and not put it back where it was before 😒😑

  • Constantin Croitoru
    Constantin CroitoruПре дан

    And u guys say that techno was obbsested with killing orphans

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha SasukeПре дан

    Me when my little sister starts crying

  • WiiGuy
    WiiGuyПре дан

    "Oh dumb child!" *Congratulations, you just made a Tommhinnit*

  • Bedwars fan
    Bedwars fanПре дан

    When ranboo littlebrother still God apple be like

  • Niñolaurence Pacatang
    Niñolaurence PacatangПре 2 дана

    How techno was made

    DAVID PRELICПре 2 дана

    Techno is must be so proud of ranboo

  • Rose Toussaint
    Rose ToussaintПре 2 дана

    FBI Noises I N T E S I F I E S.

  • SpaceFlye
    SpaceFlyeПре 2 дана

    What server was this on?

    STRUGGLE ALTПре 2 дана

    He wants to kill his un zombified version of his son. *Understandable*

  • Timothy _Gamer28
    Timothy _Gamer28Пре 2 дана

    I mean Ranboo can’t UNLESS HE KILLS THE PARENTS

  • Servilo
    ServiloПре 2 дана

    That is like techno yoinking the gapple while Ranboo is fighting the mobs xD

  • HNe1roS
    HNe1roSПре 2 дана

    And suddenly the kid throws gravel

  • roblox gamer into_killr
    roblox gamer into_killrПре 2 дана

    Ranboo stop plsying with techno

  • mynameisjeff
    mynameisjeffПре 2 дана

    Technoblade when he was a kid

  • bobux man
    bobux manПре 3 дана

    Funfact: thats techno son

  • The Reaper
    The ReaperПре 3 дана

    The cursed crown

  • Just having Fun
    Just having FunПре 3 дана

    Technoblade's frist ever instants TECHNOBLADE NEVA DIES

  • Angelo Uybubulante
    Angelo UybubulanteПре 3 дана

    Is it just coincidence? But the same thing also happened to me recently hahahahaha My G apple that i found in a bastion chest also got stolen by a piglin Im freaking out.

  • Zarson
    ZarsonПре 3 дана

    I wanna know what happens next

  • notacringychannel
    notacringychannelПре 3 дана

    Fun Fact:this a brand new video of a brandnewchannel

  • turtle
    turtleПре 3 дана


  • Simon Angelo Villamor
    Simon Angelo VillamorПре 4 дана

    Its a smart child Ranboo!

  • Simon playz
    Simon playzПре 5 дана

    Technoblade is in that body and yoinked another god apple from ranboo

  • Agnes Sengco
    Agnes SengcoПре 5 дана

    Purple guy be like #rambo_is_purpleguy

  • Bladeax03
    Bladeax03Пре 5 дана

    "Grand vizier nappa, what is your adv-" "Stab the baby."

  • The boys on Wednesdays
    The boys on WednesdaysПре 5 дана

    Techno blade’s about to be summoned

  • dark entity
    dark entityПре 5 дана

    Technoblade will be proud

  • OliTronic
    OliTronicПре 6 дана


  • NightmareWasXD
    NightmareWasXDПре 6 дана

    Thats wasnt a kid that was an orphan

  • Anikin3279
    Anikin3279Пре 6 дана

    I forgot he is an endnerman and he is killing his brotheren to get pearls

  • Anikin3279
    Anikin3279Пре 6 дана

    That child got really lucky...

  • Dashing Intruder
    Dashing IntruderПре 6 дана

    Ranboo: I don’t ever yell Ranboo:

  • Cheeze Poof
    Cheeze PoofПре 7 дана

    He has learned....

  • Cool_tech_ Tricks
    Cool_tech_ TricksПре 8 дана

    Techno back story

  • Zhao fanyu
    Zhao fanyuПре 8 дана

    Technoblade has joines the game Technoblade: A child, perhaps an orphan?

    SIRR_WOLFПре 8 дана

    plot twist: that is the piglin that techno talk to

  • Chandler Vermillion
    Chandler VermillionПре 8 дана

    it was micheal all along evil laughter*

  • Irene Arco
    Irene ArcoПре 8 дана

    Ranboo: "Yeah I don't scream" Also Ranboo:

  • lgd Aiman
    lgd AimanПре 9 дана

    You are so lucky, wait nooo you dumb child. -Ranboo 2021

  • Galvin Ingold
    Galvin IngoldПре 9 дана

    "I gotta kill that kid!" wtf ranboo

  • Taim Fallouh
    Taim FallouhПре 9 дана

    Just kill the piglin to drop you the the notch gapple.

  • Panda Club
    Panda ClubПре 9 дана

    Look inside to find your inner technoblade

  • Ethan
    EthanПре 9 дана


  • ThatGuyInTheToilet Torey
    ThatGuyInTheToilet ToreyПре 9 дана

    The kid was trying to help ): so sad. R.I.P kid

  • Darmawan Setiawan
    Darmawan SetiawanПре 10 дана

    Alternatif title: an enderman dropped a shining Apple on floor on a child and the child stole it

  • TheRedPanda37
    TheRedPanda37Пре 10 дана

    Did he kill the kid?

  • Tigersgame 2
    Tigersgame 2Пре 10 дана

    "I gotta kill that kid i gotta kill that kid!"-Ranboo

  • Nightwing Dark
    Nightwing DarkПре 10 дана

    Mom, dad a player dropped this The parents: good boi

  • Grass Block

    Grass Block

    Пре 21 сат

    Nah bc I'm pretty sure Ranboo actually killed him afterwards😂

  • Taterbug1013
    Taterbug1013Пре 11 дана

    Its his sons family member Ranboo: I have to kill that kid

  • Pixelfigher87 Official
    Pixelfigher87 OfficialПре 11 дана

    What video is this?

  • a random person u watch
    a random person u watchПре 11 дана

    When he says he gotta kill that kid you look at my Minecraft skin and I'm sad a kid died

  • Miguel Amaral
    Miguel AmaralПре 13 дана

    When child murder is allowed

  • My name is not jeff
    My name is not jeffПре 13 дана

    Tommy be like :👀

    BEJAK XDПре 14 дана

    That is micheal brother

  • Super Dog
    Super DogПре 14 дана

    Listenes to video Me:turns switch on to play Fortnite Ranboo:oh no! You dumb kid! Me:oh...ok Ranboo: I got to kill that kid. Me:wait what!? U gonna kill me!? Also this is not saying ranboo is bad he is great RStreer 👍🏻

  • Jude C.J
    Jude C.JПре 15 дана

    The saame scene in the woodland mansion

  • spaceflight voyager
    spaceflight voyagerПре 15 дана

    "Kids need disciplining" - Philza from tommy's video

  • Crazy Crew
    Crazy CrewПре 16 дана


  • Michelle Puzon
    Michelle PuzonПре 20 дана

    Ranboo: killing a child Techno: the student has become the master

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica LeeПре 20 дана

    Fun fact: That was Michael's cousin

  • •Skylar Freecss {cutie Corpuz}•
    •Skylar Freecss {cutie Corpuz}•Пре 20 дана

    --- the fact that he doesnt care that zombies are everywhere but what he cares about is the enchanted golden apple

  • jus12chat
    jus12chatПре 21 дан

    philza: baby zombie ranboo: baby pigman

  • ciocanel
    ciocanelПре 21 дан

    How do you do the picture??

  • Scarlett Truffle
    Scarlett TruffleПре 22 дана

    Dont worry guys Ranboo is in his technoblade arc

  • iivy • rose
    iivy • roseПре 22 дана

    0:18 that must've hurt Tommy's feelings dude 😣✋ 🤡

  • hailey webster
    hailey websterПре 23 дана

    Lol of when I'm babysitting

  • Akaza
    AkazaПре 23 дана

    ""DUMB CHILD""

  • KFC VR
    KFC VRПре 26 дана

    That couldve been micheal's cousin :'(

  • Space Crafter
    Space CrafterПре 28 дана

    I've never heard Ranboo yell like that.. It's scary somehow.

  • Myanii
    MyaniiПре месец

    0:17 o_o.....

  • Kev & Friends
    Kev & FriendsПре месец

    "I need to kill that kid!" -And that's how you get into court these days.

  • Aloo
    AlooПре месец

    me when my brother made me lose my 7 month hardcore world : 0:21

  • Roy Boy (Roy Boy)
    Roy Boy (Roy Boy)Пре месец

    the thumbnail is so cursed.

  • Zheck
    ZheckПре месец

    0:21 every toxic player on every multiplayer game when they get killed

  • Elnara Browers
    Elnara BrowersПре месец


  • Dr. Y Elmistekawy
    Dr. Y ElmistekawyПре месец

    Kid: *steps randomly on the street* Me:

  • Betisbrine Studios '-'
    Betisbrine Studios '-'Пре месец

    Fun fact: Michael is the zombified version of this mob, so Michael Manages to defeat him

  • Syafi Hamdani
    Syafi HamdaniПре месец

    Me when I saw the baby piglin picking up the GAPPLE: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sîlvêrîs-sân
    Sîlvêrîs-sânПре месец

    Ranboo: I gotta kill that kid Me: then call TechnoBlade idiot.

  • Epic robloxian ✔️
    Epic robloxian ✔️Пре месец

    Why do the zombies have names? Example of a zombie there with a name “cooltommy9999”

  • Räiny_.childX
    Räiny_.childXПре месец

    Lmao I freaked out when he yelled "DUMB CHILD" cuz I thought he was referring to me Cuz I've always been referred as "dumb [insert any word referring to minor]"

  • I - WISHELLA - I
    I - WISHELLA - IПре месец

    Ranboo: *I summon Technoblade!*

  • How Fun
    How FunПре месец

    The first thing I saw on my fyp is this. Hhhh

  • Just Hilinai
    Just HilinaiПре месец

    He really went “techno mode”

  • Xavier Krieg
    Xavier KriegПре месец

    No killing Michael's cousin

  • Sunny`•.
    Sunny`•.Пре месец

    Sheesh when he shouted it rlly did not sound like him- o-o

  • Mr Noye
    Mr NoyeПре месец

    I don’t think Rambo should be allowed to see Michael anymore

  • Oragami
    OragamiПре месец

    Technoblade: I raised that boy

  • Chaotic Lazy
    Chaotic LazyПре месец


  • ~SAM~
    ~SAM~Пре месец

    Ranboo - aw he is so cute Ranboo (after the kid took god apple)- you must be removed from the world

  • Orangelover18
    Orangelover18Пре месец

    How tf did he drop a golden apple? Was it donation things?