SABATON - Defence Of Moscow (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Defence Of Moscow by Sabaton.
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========= Defence Of Moscow LYRICS =========

As the Wehrmacht overrun, Russia 1941
They don’t belong, we stand our ground, a million strong

We are ready for their strike, face the army of the reich
A million strong, this is our land, they don’t belong.

Hear Marshal Zhukov’s, and Stalin’s orders
Defend the motherland
Moscow shall not fall

Stand and follow command, our blood for the homeland
Heed the motherland’s call, and brace for the storm
Moscow will never give in, there is no surrender
Force them into retreat, and into defeat

Face the volleys of their guns, for Russia’s daughters and her sons
All the brave, who stand against the typhoon wave

From the mountains and the plains, come in thousands on the trains
Day and night, they're rolling in, to join the fight

From Kazakhstan to Magadan!
Call of the motherland
Russia shall prevail

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angeles - CA - USA .
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


  • Sabaton
    SabatonПре месец

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  • sany yang

    sany yang

    Пре дан

    very best, like from roumania🇹🇩

  • Captain_ melons

    Captain_ melons

    Пре дан

    @p. i I listen to this with spotify

  • p. i

    p. i

    Пре дан

    @Captain_ melons this is a cover to radio tapok

  • ///роSSіянці свинособаки\\\

    ///роSSіянці свинособаки\\\

    Пре дан

    russia - terrorist

  • Viktor the map boy

    Viktor the map boy

    Пре 5 дана

    Make a song abut the battle of tammerfors/tampere wich was a battle between white and red forces in the finnish civil war it was one of the bloodiest battles in the nordic ever.

  • Selim Dansk
    Selim DanskПре 9 минута

    know i understand why sabaton realese this song because no step back dlc

  • Nils Hjelm
    Nils HjelmПре 53 минута

    Best song i ever!!

  • Lyhyt
    LyhytПре 53 минута

    I cannot wait to hear this song played live. This is so damn good.

  • bricky war
    bricky warПре сат

    this is second best on my list of sabatons music

  • Razieman Bacho
    Razieman BachoПре сат

    1:20 Best part

  • Razor Burn
    Razor BurnПре 2 сата

    Breathtaking song and the video clip gave me goose bumps!!!

    KALBALSTUK 'SПре 2 сата

    My great-grandfather, his three brothers and his father defended Moscow. Great-grandfather was a mortar gunner, received a medal for courage after Moscow, and in Berlin a splinter hit this medal and beat off one end of a five-pointed star. After Berlin, he went to fight with the Japanese, remained in the army and returned home for the first time only in 1949. Unfortunately, his brothers and father never returned. One brother died in the battles for Poland, the grave was found two years ago, the rest were missing. Мой прадед, три его брата и отец защищали Москву. Прадед миномётчиком был, получил после Москвы медаль за отвагу, а в Берлине в эту медаль осколок попал и отбил один конец пятиконечной звезды. Он ещё после Берлина поехал с японцами воевать, остался служить в армии и в первый раз вернулся домой только в 1949 году. К сожалению, его братья и отец так и не вернулись. Один брат в боях за Польшу погиб, могилу нашли года два назад, остальные без вести пропали.

  • Марина Журавлева
    Марина ЖуравлеваПре 2 сата

    Просто СУПЕР!!!!!

  • PowerGlove
    PowerGloveПре 3 сата

    It was not Nazi Germany vs Russia. It was all (nazi) Continental Europe vs Russia. All European countries (except UK). Don't forget about it people.

  • vazzo marketing
    vazzo marketingПре 3 сата

    bruh the animation said nazi german has invaded moskva the animation of the way nazi german invade way it must be nazi german surender moskva

  • D D
    D DПре 4 сата

    I have never known a country to make everyone feel patriotic to a homeland they have never known. That is the true power of Russia 🇷🇺

  • a rich? youtuber
    a rich? youtuberПре 5 сати

    can do better at the tank

  • UCNet 22
    UCNet 22Пре 5 сати

    Selling russian rifle, like new only dropped 7 times ;-). All joking I the only one who thinks this is propaganda?

  • Mr_Tunafish


    Пре 2 сата

    Yea you re the only one

  • Luke P
    Luke PПре 5 сати

    If Viktor Drago ever makes another appearance in a movie or show, this needs to be his new ring walk music 🔥

  • Luke P
    Luke PПре 5 сати

    Viktor Drago’s new ring walk song.

  • Centipede slaughter
    Centipede slaughterПре 6 сати

    Holy fuck this is good

  • Sabaton


    Пре 5 сати


    GAME_BARSEK_YTПре 6 сати

    HELLO I FROM RUSSIA Привет я из России GOOD Music Хорошая музыка

  • Sabaton


    Пре 5 сати

    Greetings from Sweden!

  • Степан Митин
    Степан МитинПре 8 сати

    2:28 - 3:27 это потрясающе! Я смотрю на это уже 10 000 раз

  • Loganator Wolverine
    Loganator WolverineПре 8 сати

    playing a minecrafty kingdom building game and defending it from vikings has never been so epic.

  • Dutch van der linde
    Dutch van der lindeПре 8 сати

    I always forget that I can’t hear the ussr anthem without all star

    REPTIKING1242Пре 9 сати

    For me being only 25% Russian, I feel the comrade blood in me now, RUSSIA SHALL PREVAIL!!!

  • Nikolay Moiseenko
    Nikolay MoiseenkoПре 9 сати

    Есть доброе русское слово - УРА!!!

  • Kylan Kwan
    Kylan KwanПре 10 сати

    down with the Germans!!!!!!

  • stick man
    stick manПре 10 сати

    Next video: Defence of moscow 1812

  • JASPE Automation
    JASPE AutomationПре 11 сати

    3:00 Most Epic Part

  • Andrew Kelley
    Andrew KelleyПре 11 сати

    I’m a god fearing, communist despising American. But, if ever given a chance to meet Putin; I would shake his hand and outright admit that without Russian CRUSHING the nazis in the east, winning world war 2 would have been a lot harder than it already was.

  • Gareth Dicken
    Gareth DickenПре 12 сати

    More albums like the last stand! ❤️

  • Серёга Васильчиков
    Серёга ВасильчиковПре 13 сати

    Вы супер.И только через песни будет мир на всей планете.hotwarior

  • Валерий Нофанов
    Валерий НофановПре 14 сати

    Как второй лайк поставить!?

  • Konstantin Rayshes
    Konstantin RayshesПре 15 сати

    When will the song about Leningrad be released? There is already about Moscow ..)

  • Ian Olsen
    Ian OlsenПре 15 сати

    Apparently this song has the Soviet National Anthem in the guitar solo, but I don't hear it. Can someone point it out to me with a timestamp or something

  • Chief Captain Cole

    Chief Captain Cole

    Пре 7 сати


  • Stanisław Gieraldowski
    Stanisław GieraldowskiПре 15 сати

    ktos to musial bronic teren+podejscie styka

  • Prostochel 228
    Prostochel 228Пре 16 сати


  • Blaze064
    Blaze064Пре 16 сати

    I really want a full cover of the USSR anthem by them now

  • Mbh45
    Mbh45Пре 18 сати

    Didn't know that Mr. bean was a russian general

  • Александр Воробьев
    Александр ВоробьевПре 18 сати

    нет слов, ребята вы просто супер. спасибо!!

  • Russian Countryball
    Russian CountryballПре 18 сати


  • Josh Keene
    Josh KeeneПре 18 сати

    Teacher: “Ok class considering today is snowing….we’re gonna have a snowball fight!” Girls: “No!!!!!I don’t want get hurt by the snowballs.” Boys: *”MOSCOW SHALL NOT FALL!!!!!!”*

  • Helge Arne Winkelbauer
    Helge Arne WinkelbauerПре 18 сати

    Cool song! If this is a cover, why is it not mentioned in the video description?

  • Vinicius Estarnek
    Vinicius EstarnekПре 18 сати

    Best music!

  • Sir Spatanman2
    Sir Spatanman2Пре 18 сати

    After watching Russia's military recruitment ad verse the new U.S. ad.

  • Григорий Егорочкин
    Григорий ЕгорочкинПре 19 сати

    Группа Замечательная!!!! И солист у них прям РУССКИЙ какой то!

  • SgtShidner
    SgtShidnerПре 19 сати

    Was listening to this with my cat on the chair, next thing i know, he's got a tiny steel pot helmet, riding on the back of a miniaturized T-34 tank, screaming a tiny 'URRRAH!" only concern is......where did he get the tank?

  • Федор Михайлович
    Федор МихайловичПре 21 сат

    я плачу

  • Biggus Len
    Biggus LenПре 21 сат

    when will the shirts be available again? everything between S and 4XL is sold out

  • Han Chen Yin
    Han Chen YinПре 22 сата

    I love how they introduced the soviet anthem

  • bzh 56
    bzh 56Пре 22 сата

    A song about "les cadets de Saumur" can be great

  • Leszy
    LeszyПре дан

    That soviet tankman

  • Nadir Baigarin
    Nadir BaigarinПре дан


  • Александр Брыкалин
    Александр БрыкалинПре дан

    Респект за кавер на Тапка. Песня-огонь! Браво!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Сергей Чадов
    Сергей ЧадовПре дан

    That moment, when 4 minutes clip makes me proud of my country more than a typical russian 2+ hour movie. Great job, guys. Love you! You're the BEST band ever!

  • Sabaton


    Пре дан

    Thanks for your support!

  • Игорь Максимов
    Игорь МаксимовПре дан


  • Storm Trooper
    Storm TrooperПре дан

    I love all Sabaton songs I don’t know who to be favorite

  • Sabaton


    Пре 5 сати

    Good choices. About who answers, it depends on the day, but Pär's always around.

  • Storm Trooper

    Storm Trooper

    Пре дан

    DOM or 82nd All the way?

  • Storm Trooper

    Storm Trooper

    Пре дан

    Also which sabaton member replies? (I heard it was Pär)

  • Storm Trooper

    Storm Trooper

    Пре дан

    @Sabaton yes

  • Sabaton


    Пре дан

    You can't choose only one? Like the top favorite?

  • Herbet
    HerbetПре дан

    1:15 why does i have that feeling that those Stuka's are flying above GTA 5 Los Santos city

  • Sabyasachi Kundu
    Sabyasachi KunduПре дан

    Loved the song. In 1971, when Pakistan started systematically raping and killing their own people in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), none of the defenders of freedom (USA and allies) lifted a finger to help the victims, despite repeated appeals. India was forced to intervene, as millions of people from East Pakistan seeking refuge, came to India. We were not equipped to support such a large number as we had been independent for less than 25 years at the time. After India started the military operations to stop the genocide, USA sent the USS Enterprise to intimidate India into ceasing operations. The Soviet Union sent their own groups of cruisers,destroyers and nuclear submarine from Vladivostok, to neutralize the US threat. It was due to their actions, India won the war decisively, and Bangladesh was born. We thank Russia for their support at a difficult time, and hope Indo-Russia relations continue to prosper in future.

  • sany yang
    sany yangПре дан

    the best rock hard team in europe

  • Sabaton


    Пре дан


  • New Republic신 공화국
    New Republic신 공화국Пре дан


  • @Miku.Minori
    @Miku.MinoriПре дан

    Me after playing Command & Conquer.... KIROV REPORTING~~~~~~~!

  • BianKa Gonzalez
    BianKa GonzalezПре дан

    Yaba baga 🤘🤙👌

  • extra account
    extra accountПре дан

    this is what the soviets listened to during operation baberrossa (sorry if i misspelled)

  • _ JDP2104 _
    _ JDP2104 _Пре дан

    I'm not a fan of the commies but hot damn this is epic

  • Valkig Rakblad
    Valkig RakbladПре дан

    This song makes me proud of being Russian which is weird because I'm g e r m a n

  • Sabaton


    Пре дан

    It's a pretty normal feeling 😎

    ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝПре дан

    Respect Russia 🇷🇺 from greece

  • Dogeshita Hideki
    Dogeshita HidekiПре дан

    This is not metal... *This is stalinium*

  • Volendo Volando
    Volendo VolandoПре дан

    Onore alla cazzuta Russia. Complimenti a voi Sabaton! Quando sarà l'apocalisse, voglio voi come colonna sonora nelle mie orecchie, mentre prendo a calci in culo il male.

  • denello angelo
    denello angeloПре дан

    i swear if you listen to Sabaton, it will increase your manliness to 99999999%

  • Daler Mamad
    Daler MamadПре дан

    You got it right.

  • TheDaviKill
    TheDaviKillПре дан

    Slavsia Rus! Hail from Brasil!

  • Dima Dzyakanau
    Dima DzyakanauПре дан

    каждый раз пробивает на мурашки

  • Артур О
    Артур ОПре дан

    Спасибо вам, вы сделали больше для моего культурного восприятия родины, чем минобр и минкульт

  • Overmind (Overmind)
    Overmind (Overmind)Пре дан

    Спасибо большое вы Лучшие, не могу оторваться от песни

  • אוריאל גואטה
    אוריאל גואטהПре дан

    Amazing song, amazing illustration. Hats off.

  • Sabaton


    Пре дан


  • Dream Catcher
    Dream CatcherПре дан

    Nazis attack big country with a lot of ethnicities and actually hope to win?

  • Григорий Кучинский
    Григорий КучинскийПре дан

    Аж мурашки по коже от гимна. Ахереть круто. Сука пятый раз слушаю

  • Григорий Кучинский
    Григорий КучинскийПре дан


  • Григорий Кучинский
    Григорий КучинскийПре дан

    Соло ахеренное

  • Григорий Кучинский
    Григорий КучинскийПре дан


  • Marica Franzini
    Marica FranziniПре дан

    I can't wait for the new sono!(i'm italian)

  • GameBoy 4 Bricks
    GameBoy 4 BricksПре дан


  • bob rasch
    bob raschПре дан

    Love that you put History to Verse! Keep up the Great work!

  • Matt
    MattПре дан

    Wow! What a bad ass video! I truly hope we Americans never have to fight you Russians. I wish we could unite against China.

  • ///роSSіянці свинособаки\\\
    ///роSSіянці свинособаки\\\Пре дан

    russia - terrorist

  • Insane Mang
    Insane MangПре дан

    I love hearing yalls music! It's informative and exhilarating. Definitely gonna paint death korps of krieg while listening to yalls music when they get their plastic models!

  • Sabaton


    Пре дан


  • Ken Havens
    Ken HavensПре дан

    I think Sabaton is a german band..they have to be careful not to glorify the Nazi's despite at the time it being the "military force" of Germany.

  • Sabaton


    Пре дан

    We're from Sweden :)

  • Logan Brodet
    Logan BrodetПре дан


  • MaVicho
    MaVichoПре дан

    Mr bean on the cover

  • Моня Патрикеев
    Моня ПатрикеевПре дан

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  • Голос Саурона
    Голос СауронаПре дан

    Тапок извини конечно, но у Сабатон твоя песня лучше звучит.

  • Zulfiqar 1990
    Zulfiqar 1990Пре дан

    Facts about the Eastern Front. Russia suffered heavy losses against the German army. The second fact is. The policy of the criminal butcher of humanity, Stalin, was conscription, which means to go to the front or be killed. The third fact. The occurrence of rape by the Russian army. It is because of the Jewish leaders who were able to receive some positions in the army as commanders, and the second reason is that a large percentage of Russian soldiers were prisoners accused of rape and murder. Males, from old to young. Rape also happened by the British, the Americans and the Poles

  • Сергей Шишов

    Сергей Шишов

    Пре дан

    The first fact is that more than 80% of the losses of Germany and its allies fall precisely on the eastern front. The second fact - all your "facts" are nothing more than propaganda fabrications.

  • КП-92 Прищепа Дмитро

    КП-92 Прищепа Дмитро

    Пре дан

    A couple fun facts for you: a lot of people actually volunteered to join the army because you have to be an absolute dick to say "nah" when your country and people are dying. I haven't heard about killing conscripts, where did you get that from? " a large percentage of Russian soldiers were prisoners accused of rape and murder" my wild guess is that proportion is about 2 percent at best. Wanna provide a source that states how large it actually was?

  • dark fox gaming
    dark fox gamingПре дан

    this song makes me want to shoot a ppsh-41

  • Михаил Чачковский
    Михаил ЧачковскийПре 2 дана

    I listened that song about 50 times. Feel goosebumps each time! I feel goosebumps even when don't listen the song, but just by imagine the song in my head. Respect from Belarus 🇧🇾!

  • Sebi Steckert
    Sebi SteckertПре 2 дана

    Actually, the wehrmacht attacked russia with 3 million soldiers

  • The Paranoid

    The Paranoid

    Пре дан

    @КП-92 Прищепа Дмитро sry english isn't my first language hehe , btw the Soviets were still trying to deal with the officers issues in the beginning of the war ( post great purge ) despite it ending over about 2 years ago but still , but the logistics gave huge advantages to the Soviets compared to the germans and with great field marshals and generals such as zhukov the soviet union could perform great in the winter period of 1941 but not the best

  • КП-92 Прищепа Дмитро

    КП-92 Прищепа Дмитро

    Пре дан

    @The Paranoid thanks to the bravery of the soldiers, proper logistics, brilliance of commanders they could reorganize the frontlines with their reserves after all soviet industry got the back of the soviet union. There, fixed it for you.

  • Sebi Steckert

    Sebi Steckert

    Пре дан

    @The Paranoid well but germany could have won

  • The Paranoid

    The Paranoid

    Пре дан

    @Sebi Steckert and yeah ussr lost most of it's elite units in the start of the war but thanks to the harsh winter they could reorganize the frontlines with their reserves after all soviet industry got the back of the soviet union

  • The Paranoid

    The Paranoid

    Пре дан

    @Sebi Steckert no they had their reserves defending there

  • Дмитрий Дмитриев
    Дмитрий ДмитриевПре 2 дана

    Вот это вскидывание руки в конце немного не очень.

  • Ellis gaming collins collins
    Ellis gaming collins collinsПре 2 дана


  • SMT5015
    SMT5015Пре 2 дана

    Anyone on RStree: defames USSR Russians: from the mountains and the plains, coming thousands on the trains, day and night they're rolling in to join the fight

  • Krazykripplefitness
    KrazykripplefitnessПре 2 дана

    As the grandson of a German immigrant who has family who fought on both sides of ww2. (Germany and American) this song makes me proud of my 0% Russian heritage

  • Ridwan Rafi
    Ridwan RafiПре 2 дана

    Soviet anthem on last was🔥🔥🔥

  • Brother Coconut
    Brother CoconutПре 2 дана

    As a vietnamese this made me proud as being a russian

  • Fortuneartist
    FortuneartistПре 2 дана

    In a strange way the German tank driver reminds me also to a Russian man, an actor, Kirill Käro, and I thought for a long time that he is also in a Russian tank until I checked closer... :D