Wrath Ring At War? Everything You Missed in Episode 5 of Helluva Boss: The Harvest Festival!

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Episode 5 of Helluva Boss just dropped today, and we got a lot to break down! RoboFizz is in mass production Stryker is a welcome addition to this crazy cast, and we have plenty to discuss about the wrath ring today.

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  • Cartoon Universe
    Cartoon UniverseПре месец

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  • Nathan De La Rosa

    Nathan De La Rosa

    Пре месец

    I love the idea of the color of there horn tells the gender but that can't be it because Blitz's horns are female but he's a male //: sorry

  • Dusan TV Channel

    Dusan TV Channel

    Пре месец

    Yeah but i fell like our well known Radio Demon is in fact ROYAL.

  • Ryu Ookami

    Ryu Ookami

    Пре месец

    Strikers Revolver at the end of the episode has the same design pattern as the sniper within the episode. This indicates that the still has the ability/firepower to kill royal demons. He left the scene btw. with the sniper in the hands of I.M.P. which can become a new asset for them in future episodes.

  • Michelle B

    Michelle B

    Пре месец

    The guy in episode 4 on the TV worked at loolloo land since it got destroyed he had to money somehow so he did that in episode 4

  • Aloese Enoka

    Aloese Enoka

    Пре месец

    when striker returns in a later episode he would need a weapon which hince the angle rifle but since striker didnt get his rifle back we saw a seperate part/cutscene at the end of the episode and in in his hand we each see a gun similar to the angel rifle but as a pistol how much more of these op weapons does he have

  • Ray Men
    Ray MenПре 14 дана

    These demons would have nothing against us though if they tried to interact with our wars they would be killed instantly. Just like people usually were in big world wars.

  • Vizor
    VizorПре 15 дана

    Hmm at War you say? *In the 1920s and 40s countless Souls where toost into the fires of Hell but even in death The Millions of Souls from both sides are fuled by Revenge and utter hatred towards eachother that they decided To Fight In the Fires of Hell to Fulfill Their desires of Revenge* *In the Trenches* ALLIES British Demon Soldier: FOR KING AND COUNTRY! American Demon Soldier: CHAAAAARRRRRGE!!!!! French Demon Soldier: CHARGÉE!!!! V.S AXIS German Demon Soldiers: FÖR TEH VATERLAND!!!!! Japanese Demon Soldiers: TENO HIKA BANZAI!!!!!!!!! Italian Demon Soldiers: CHIARE!!!!!!!!

  • Tadej Dobric
    Tadej DobricПре 22 дана

    The waiter frim the comic has a fish tail he could be a leviothon

  • TheShubLub
    TheShubLubПре 25 дана

    1:50: what about the episode where he was a bodyguard?

  • Undercover werewolf
    Undercover werewolfПре 27 дана

    5:00 Blitzo???

  • StFu
    StFuПре месец

    The only thing i know is in the pilot the sign on top of millie and moxxie's apartment was something about hellhounds

  • Nihilistic Pancakeface
    Nihilistic PancakefaceПре месец

    3:06 wait. Why is Stolas looking directly at a sniper that's so far away with a grin? Does this mean Stolas is aware that 'someone' was trying to kill him?

  • The Living Liver
    The Living LiverПре месец

    this episode is my sexual fantasy and its killing me

  • Anjealous Anaconda
    Anjealous AnacondaПре месец

    I never even considered that Millie’s sister might have been trans I just thought the voice was for comedic effect. But you pointed out the horn patterns being different between male and female Imps and that the voice actor/actress (idk how they identify) being trans just made appreciate this show a bit more 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

    IGABSПре месец

    Okay so I was watching episode 5 and she strike was overd blitz to join him he says slaying overlords not demon royalty leading me to believe that stoles is a royal demon but more specific a overlord considered by others.

  • Gabriel Lockwood
    Gabriel LockwoodПре месец

    "Demonic Horse" ... They're called *"NIGHT MARES"*

  • Lilith Rayne
    Lilith RayneПре месец

    Stolas makes the most sense to curse the harvest festival - why would Satan show up to an imp festival when Stolas is the ars goetica prince that has dominion over herbs and plants, and also teaches astrology (so would be able to summon the harvest moon, as we've seen his cosmic-related powers).

  • tehn00bdude
    tehn00bdudeПре месец

    Helluva Boss is a spinoff of a show with 1 episode.

  • Knux English
    Knux EnglishПре месец

    The only reason i knew about episode 5 was a "perfectly cut screams" video

  • First name last name
    First name last nameПре месец

    I like how 69% of the lore is stolas sleeping with b̶l̶i̶t̶z̶o̶ blitz

  • KRWCookie
    KRWCookieПре месец

    More proof of Sally Mae being trans is the fact that the bio male imps have white hair and the bio females have black hair. If you look at Sally’s hair there’s a bit of white near her roots meaning her hair is dyed black and her natural hair is in fact white and is growing out a bit

  • Jabadeedeejabadabadoo Hh
    Jabadeedeejabadabadoo HhПре месец

    The wrath ring demons seemed extremely dissatisfied when Stolas thanked them for "the spoils of your labor, which continues to feed the citizens of hell". I feel like Wrath may actually start a war? Or riot, hoard the food, idk. I just feel like this isn't the last we will hear about this...

  • Bubble Lore
    Bubble LoreПре месец

    Is Hazbin Hotel getting more episodes? It has the pilot and then all of the music videos but thats it

  • Liyra Lawless
    Liyra LawlessПре месец

    My take on the wrath ring being a relatively place peaceful that focuses on farming while all it's denizens are obsessed with war and combat is exactly the same as the pride ring being a dirty, disheveled slum. It's hell! You don't get what you want, the pride ring is filled with vain, self absorbed demons who are so focused on their own image and status they don't notice the run down state of their own environment. Similarly, the wrath ring is filled with demons obsessed with strength and combat having their actual mission in life being to care for and nurture life to provide food to the rest of hell and they have to do this by through a constant, mundane and tedious battle against the harsh environmental conditions of the ring itself.

  • Andrew Ferro
    Andrew FerroПре месец

    I never noticed the sexual dimorphism with the horns!

  • Logican TBR
    Logican TBRПре месец

    the way Stolas looks right into Striker’s gun just tells me that he’s thinking “go on, do it, you won’t, bet”

  • Jacob Hanshew
    Jacob HanshewПре месец

    When it was first pointed out to me that male imps have thicker stripes than female imps my first question was how Imp gender and sex transitioning would work. Pretty happy this episode cleared it up!

  • Reihaa
    ReihaaПре месец

    One of Stolas' domains is astronomy, so it would make sense he would be necessary for ceremonies like these across Hell since he's a Goetial Prince, and isn't solely tied to a single ring.

  • Robbie_the_ Mastermind2
    Robbie_the_ Mastermind2Пре месец

    I like the idea that the imp who live in the ring of wrath have a culture similar to DA oaks from Warhammer 40k.

  • epicgamer ninja
    epicgamer ninjaПре месец

    Striker is voiced by Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon Walking Dead)

  • Gary Chambers
    Gary ChambersПре месец

    What's that music in the background?

  • Oceana
    OceanaПре месец

    WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR SCREEN?! I watched your video because people were saying the book Stolas was reading had a title, and I couldn’t see it. I want to know what to you did to make it see-able.

  • Bryanna Rios
    Bryanna RiosПре месец

    I feel like the demons in hell really don’t care if your trans they mainly seem to care about is if you can kill like how Millie’s mom was upset that she could have done a better job at kill striker

  • prayed_Lokyy 801
    prayed_Lokyy 801Пре месец

    I actually really enjoy this show! Im so glad i decided to click on the 5th episode! (First one I watched) and was instantly hooked! Not so sure what it is but damm i cant stop wayching them haha hopfully there are more episodes coming soom

  • Ian The Cool Thief
    Ian The Cool ThiefПре месец

    Striker vs. TFS Android 13 Who has the better country voice? Also I'm 99% sure that Jeice is Moxie's dad.

  • Kaitlin R
    Kaitlin RПре месец

    i see a coss over for boss and the other one

  • The Universal Union
    The Universal UnionПре месец

    I think the reason why they mention it can kill Demon Royalty is because they are so powerful a weapon like this is extremely dangerous. Am i the only one who thinks Strikers design is Ultra amazing i love it.

  • Zelnyair
    ZelnyairПре месец

    Cartoon Universe, you would save yourself time if you just told people to read the book of Revelation. Spindlehorse take a lot from it. For example, Revelation 6:12 "And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;" Do you think it's more than coincidental that episode 4 has that bit about 'hellshakes', and episode 5 has a red moon, for instance? I'm not a Biblical expert, and I'm not religious- I just look this stuff up. As long as you keep pointing out stuff that they may have taken from the Bible, if I find something that fits, I'll keep pointing it out.

  • Yuck Fou
    Yuck FouПре месец

    pretty sure millie's sister isn't a 41%. its just the VA.

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец

    @Gamers In Hell ):

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

    Пре месец

    @NoVoiceToCrySuffering people who are against lgbt+ will not say trans and use the term 41% as a derogatory slur for the amount of suicides.

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец


  • MissUnamusedNerd
    MissUnamusedNerdПре месец

    You know with the wild West theme of the wrath ring and considering that Satan‘s domain, I’m really curious if Malphas, the crow demon and Satan’s second in command, will make any type of appearance within the show. Fun fact he’s also a goetia demon like Stolas, but instead of being a prince he’s actually one of the presidents. When talking about a war in the wrath ring Malphas is in command of 40 legions of demons.

  • MissUnamusedNerd
    MissUnamusedNerdПре месец

    Can we all agree that striker was the best character in this episode?

  • Ben jamin
    Ben jaminПре месец

    I have a feeling Blitzo is from the Lust ring.

  • Shylo “Shy-Anne” Andromeda
    Shylo “Shy-Anne” AndromedaПре месец

    I have a theory that's probably not true because things change between pilots and real seasons but here it is; in the pilot Blitzo doesn't tell Moxie not to insult his daughter, and Moxie doesn't say anything about him hiring his clearly unqualified daughter. My theory is that if adoption is anything like earth adoption with less standards that it hadn't finalized yet and Loona was there as part of the home visits to make sure he was equipped to parent her. As a person who is going to be a single parent he would either hire a babysitter or bring his child to work and she was too old for a baby sitter. They were still going through the process. And since we don't know the drinking age in hell or if there is one or if she's legally drinking she could have been anywhere between 16 to 17 as she was adopted before 18 she says. After the pilot he emphasizes that she's his daughter instead of part of the family or his hellhound when others say she's his hellhound or something to the affect. He seems very proud of this and happy to tell everyone even if she's not. She is still adjusting to calling him Dad but does occasionally as seen on her Instagram or when she almost did in episode 3. He is still waiting for her to say it to his face because the adoption is new. She was probably bounced around from place to place and might be refusing to label him from a previous failed adoption when she was a kid or just from the constant movement from place to place. Sometime between the pilot and episode one the adoption finalized which is why Millie made the mistake of calling her his hellhound instead of daughter as she cares about both of them and tends to respect them. And this is why Blitzo is adamant about reminding everyone including Loona he adopted her. It might also explain why he showed up so much at Millie and Moxie's because before the adoption she might not have been allowed to live with him where she does now. He found other places to be while he waited. And sure he obviously still shows up there but maybe not as frequently due to now having Loona at home and his deal with Stolas.

  • Shylo “Shy-Anne” Andromeda
    Shylo “Shy-Anne” AndromedaПре месец

    Octavia is sat in between Stola and Stella when Stella shouts kill anyone who gets in between you. The shot pans out from Stella to her being in between and is almost silent. The only real movement other than stolas looking at her is from her. Vizzie went to film and story telling school so she knows what she's doing. Octavia is going to get hurt. Maybe not die but she is going to get hurt.

  • Shylo “Shy-Anne” Andromeda

    Shylo “Shy-Anne” Andromeda

    Пре месец

    @NoVoiceToCrySuffering no but that seems like pretty solid evidence with the framing and all

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец

    Does it have to be that much if a stretch? Can't it just be that she says she doesn't care who he goes through which leads to Octavia being hurt by him?

  • Bup Perfection
    Bup PerfectionПре месец

    I wait for the day that someone triggers Moxxie by saying or doing something and he just goes psycho and slaughters almost everyone. Yes in this episode we can tell he is tough but since Luna decided to burst in at the wrong time and hit Moxxie with a door we didn't get the confirmation that I would use against Moxxie slanders. I feel like it will happen in one of the later episodes and I am getting my hopes up for it.

  • romeorulestheworld Friday night stories
    romeorulestheworld Friday night storiesПре месец

    I ain't seen those hotel we're gonna get a hotel, but probably going to be haunted. He's back in here to kill, showing me the one left also killed devils, and I will finally be him.

  • smiley face
    smiley faceПре месец

    this almost made me cry

  • Gamer Bamban
    Gamer BambanПре месец

    *Millie:* "freelance pays fine ma, we're doing fine, its fine" Reality: 1:27

  • kharnak crux
    kharnak cruxПре месец

    Sally Mae... is also a student loan company. eh? think about it.

  • Eisberg Syndrom
    Eisberg SyndromПре месец

    So the southern states-themed ring of hell is more accepting of transsexuals than large areas of earth? Mighty ironic.

  • Yttik Jacobs
    Yttik JacobsПре месец

    Yay. Another trans person in a show, yay.

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец

    You are missing the point. They don't even tell you. It's literally just a small detail you would only know if you knew about how imps are in the show. It doesn't get shoved in your face and it's fitting because the VA is trans to.

  • DarkVisage
    DarkVisageПре месец

    The scene where Striker is singing and a image of him appears in the air next to him is a shout out to the yee hawing cowboy meme

  • ChronicAndIronic
    ChronicAndIronicПре месец

    I loved hearing him referring to Stolas as a “goetia” (14:12 on the actual episode)

  • Plastic. Co
    Plastic. CoПре месец

    I have a theory. Moxxie was born in the Wrath Ring but is much different than the others. He talk about technological advancements while Millie's parent would use guerrilla warfare. And the mom and the dad didn't like Mox very much so maybe they are at war with each other.

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец

    They literally say he was born in the wrath ring lol.

  • Jayden Meilof
    Jayden MeilofПре месец

    5:00 i cant be the only 1 who sees blitz

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец

    It's an imp. They look similar. Also it's spelled Blitzo. And names are capital. And the start of sentences are capital. Also the letter I is always capital when it's by itself.

  • Masked Gentleman
    Masked GentlemanПре месец

    Sidenote: We see Millie sister asking her " how mad she would be if she bet on her husband dying"... AND THEN SHE'S NEVER SEEING AGAIN! It's probably not what happened but... I can see Millie answer with a psychotic grin: " It doesn't count if Ma and Pa don't find your body! "

    AHYDROLISSSK128Пре месец

    i wonder if there is any connection to what striker said to blitz about them being stronger then most of their kind both striker and blitz have spikes on their tails while most other imps don't have that feature and they do appear to be considerably stronger ,faster and more agile then most other imps

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец

    The definition of a word isn't a theory.

  • Neutral T.K.
    Neutral T.K.Пре месец

    Im not lying i thought he was talking about ww1 whats wrong with me

  • Nick linaras
    Nick linarasПре месец

    Harvest festival kinda reminds Halloween by the pumpkins they have

  • Arevictor1
    Arevictor1Пре месец

    Norman Reedus did Striker’s voice.

  • Avianna Byrd
    Avianna ByrdПре месец

    I thought the demons could die in hell but they could be reborn in hell as soon as they die off for a while... and the angel weapon meaning you couldn’t come back at all once it kills you. That’s what I thought after all. like the very end of the has been hotel pilot....right?

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

    Пре месец

    Interesting! But, at theend of hazbinhotel its a sinner,not an imp. Wej just dont know yet.

  • Trevor metzman
    Trevor metzmanПре месец

    Striker’s motel has a funny message in the sign not gonna spoil it go watch it. I have a theory: that since Stolas can see future events I believe he tricked Blitzø into coming to Wrath to keep himself safe. I also want to say with Blitzø being part of a clown family he is probably very flexible and can take a beating. Making him great at games and handling himself in a fight

  • Lulu_remz


    Пре месец

    @NoVoiceToCrySuffering "That guy that tried 2 kill you def isn't here

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец

    Come on man that's not even a spoiler just tell me. );

  • Anonymous Invader
    Anonymous InvaderПре месец

    I compare blitz to roger from American dad just that sort of chaos

  • Mike the Goo
    Mike the GooПре месец

    I didn't notice the male and female stripe detail, but that indeed makes me believe the trans demon theory more than just "oh she sounded like a manly man". Though honestly... I really wonder who cares at this point. Representation is great, but I don't feel like every time it gets done it should be pointed out outside an analysis on details or something like that. Great job telling me tho!

  • Mike the Goo
    Mike the GooПре месец

    Personally I don't really like Striker

  • Mike the Goo
    Mike the GooПре месец

    The fact that the holy gun is taboo implies that some laws DO get respect in hell, or at least that there are certain social rules that make you less respectable when you break them... For example buying from the demon black market instead of just drugs or guns from the normal market.

  • Akiren Kurumiya
    Akiren KurumiyaПре месец

    You know there is something that I wonder, what if the gun that Striker used was made by an Archangel weapon? Because Striker said that the gun was made to kill “Demon Royalty”, (in one comic that I saw when Lucifer protected Charlie from getting stabbed by executioners with his wings) which could indicate that there is a level of how strong each of the weapon could be depending the hierarchy of that Angel.

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

    Пре месец

    Interesting theory! But sorry to say that comic is not cannon.

  • Thorium
    ThoriumПре месец

    I live in northern Texas, and where I live seems like the type of place that this episode is based on.

  • punchparty 400
    punchparty 400Пре месец

    It would make sense because it’s one of the sevens deadly sins of course the wrath ring will be in war

  • EveRosell
    EveRosellПре месец

    I wonder if Striker's "your rodeo clown of a boss" means he researched Blitzo's instagram beforehand, cause it has rodeo part in the name.

  • 小莦
    小莦Пре месец

    imps may be able to kill with regular weapon, because Blitzo and his crews are scared of being shot by gun in the first episode of helluva boss. (the part where the woman tried to burn them but didn't worked)

  • Kalea Berry
    Kalea BerryПре месец

    Theory: the white spots on the imps body's are scars, in a picture that blitzo had, he had no white around his eye (the picture with his sister) but now he does.


    i feel like striker is a lust demon ngl

  • Da Cat
    Da CatПре месец

    That golden tooth striker has makes me think he works under Valentino, Angel Dust’s boss, who both have a golden tooth

  • Jaded Pony
    Jaded PonyПре месец

    If you are confused by the fact that demons obsessed with war spend most of their time farming food read a history book about attempts to conquer Russia. An army is only as good as its supply lines.

  • David Smith
    David SmithПре месец

    What about the fire tornadoes they have in the wraith ring? I’d wish we knew more about those.

  • Delicious_Axolotl
    Delicious_AxolotlПре месец

    during the scene where Moxie finds the gun and when Blizto is pinned to a wall we can see framed photos of Moxies whole family and if you watch carefully you can see her other siblings throughout the episode such as her older brother helping load up a car or some of her other siblings cheering things on during the wrath festival, assuming the photo is old we can see that sally mays has always had that horn color.

  • Gamers In Hell
    Gamers In HellПре месец

    People in comments " i think stella will become the main villain in the future. " Me:" did we watch the same show? " Ep5 pretty much guaranteed stella is a villain. Why are there still theories and people supporting her?

  • The BiigBuhhda87
    The BiigBuhhda87Пре месец

    I think this episode really highlights how low class the imps are viewed as in hell. Like Striker pointing out imps don't start their own business, how stolas talks down to the imps, in the history/lore imps are regarded as the smallest demons, usually serving a bigger, more powerful demon.

  • jakei dreemurr
    jakei dreemurrПре месец

    aaaa, i don't know the background music here, i love it

  • The Nerd Beast
    The Nerd BeastПре месец

    You: "Female imps have black horns with thin white stripes and males have thick white stripes." Me, an intellectual: "Females have solid black segmented horns like an antelope and male imps have alternating segments of black and white."

  • Spicey Bones
    Spicey BonesПре месец

    6:59 also you can see her hairs growing in white so that means male imps always have white hair

  • Spicey Bones

    Spicey Bones

    Пре месец

    @Gamers In Hell ah oops

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

    Пре месец

    Not always... Some background imps (ep2) have different hair.

  • Jaquari Winslow
    Jaquari WinslowПре месец

    I thought the channels for kids why in the hell is he talking about has been hotel you know that his contact is so much it has been hotel that if a kid go on search up has been hotel they will be traumatized for life

  • NoVoiceToCrySuffering


    Пре месец

    What Gamers in hell said and also shut up.

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

    Пре месец

    First off... This isnt hazbin hotel? Secondly, this channel covers ALOT that is NOT child appropriate. So please be mindful if your kids on here. "Cartoon" doesnt necesssarily mean for children. Its a general term of animation.

  • S.
    S.Пре месец

    Missed the part where blitzos name or blitz is short for blitzkrieg which is a nazi war tactic

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

    Пре месец

    Ohhhhh~ thayswhy millies mom says it reminds her of war. ... Wait that means-

  • The Lost Ranger
    The Lost RangerПре месец

    with the whole "war/ no war" going on between heaven and hell, like is the yearly extermination a thing or not?) maybe WHENever hazbin hotel comes out, turns out Helluva boss is a per-queal series or Hazbin Hotel season 1 if you would say? and by the end of Helluva Boss, the yearly extermination will start??? questionmark??? and then in later episodes of Hazbin, the IMP gang will show up, and or the cherubs (as the Cherubs are kicked out of heaven I see them finding charlie at the hotel)

  • Danmur15
    Danmur15Пре месец

    I think the trans imp theory is interesting, but I don't think an episode devoted to that would make sense in HB. Seems like something more suited to the comics or HH

  • Segev Stormlord
    Segev StormlordПре месец

    Given how they have absolutely no issues with homosexual relationships and bisexuality seems extremely common, and that they call her sister her _sister_ and her figure is femanine, it could be that "trans" is just a fashion choice as far as the society goes. It's noteworthy that the voice is much deeper than any other female characters; I noticed that far more than the horns (which had to be pointed out). It is unclear to me, if there is "trans" involved here, which direction the transition is going, especially since I wouldn't expect hell to _respect_ people's choices, so we can't even rely on the pronoun others use.

  • ꧁ The Devil Cat ꧂
    ꧁ The Devil Cat ꧂Пре месец

    The horse In ep 5 is Spindle and that’s why blitz was playing with the horse

  • ꧁ The Devil Cat ꧂

    ꧁ The Devil Cat ꧂

    Пре месец

    @Gamers In Hell ya Idk why he likes horses so much

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

    Пре месец

    @꧁ The Devil Cat ꧂ XD blitz just loves horses in case its news. Theres lotsa hidden horses in each episode. Its fun to spot them!

  • ꧁ The Devil Cat ꧂

    ꧁ The Devil Cat ꧂

    Пре месец

    @Gamers In Hell oh whoops

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

    Пре месец

    I dont think so, spindle horse rescued blitz on instagram. The designs a bit different.

  • Yellowmelon
    YellowmelonПре месец

    I think stolas’ royalty is more similar to baronets who bought their way into royalty but is considered more prestigious then baronets

  • Lord OZ
    Lord OZПре месец

    Considering how Pride Ring seems to be the focus of HH, I think the Angels would be focused only on the earth Born sinners. Why else does heaven and hell seem to have a deal? I imagine imps and hellhounds would be sparred. Or at least they hide in the other rings while the Purge is going on.

  • Kelly Betita
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    When Blitzo's eyes glow in the dark, his eye color changed and they look similar to the higher/royal demons.

  • TheUltimateTestofSanity
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    Every episode I do a full list of all the hidden/small things I find in that particular episode. I'd fit it all here but that'd be just a copy/paste and it'd honestly be easier to go find that comment on the actual video EDIT: It would not be easier as there are 67k comments right now but copy/pasting everything every time a new "Everything You Missed" comes out seems unwanted

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  • Gamers In Hell

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    Maybe not?because creaters said lucifer still has his angel powers, which might make him unaffected.

  • rιςε ραρεr
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    To me stolas knows that Stella wants to kill him,it just seems weird to me that (in the lulu land episode) he needed bodyguards only because of some imps that he could defeat easily. Maybe he knew all the time what was happening and just didn't do anything about it since Blitzø was there...we don't really know his full abilities so who knows?

  • Gamers In Hell

    Gamers In Hell

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    Psst its loo loo land spelled with oo's! whew! thought we were gonna have a lawsuit lol. Hehe also i think stolas is aware of when others are around him. He detects the imp behind him and turns him to stone, he detects moxxie and millie before they appear and wonders where blitz is before he even turns around toknow hes not there. Maybe the second set of eyes give him future sight 😉

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